Goals Update

I didn’t to the task challenge because I knew that I was spending every evening at the theater, helping with the latest show. But how about an update on my year-long goals:

1. Pay off Credit Union loan ($7500) and a total of $13,700 by the end of the year.

~ Missed my goal by $44 because of the way the end of the month fell. Which means next month should be great!

2. Crochet 50 scarves to donate.

~ Again, I’m short one because I got an e-mail from Son, asking me to crochet him something. He even sent a link. Which is why I am now busy making . . . beer bottle cozies. He lives in Houston, TX, where they have a lot of condensation in the summer time.

3. Weigh less at the end of the year than I did at the beginning.

~ I have officially lost 15 lbs since Thanksgiving. And bought a new pair of pants for work that were a size smaller!!!

Credit reports have addresses if you were using credit back then

I never lived at the address my then husband put down on the insurance policy but wrote them a letter, enclosed proof of the relationship, etc and they accepted it. Worth a try just to call or send what you have. Maybe if you still have the same utility company they would have record of the addresses of service for you.

My husband and I have some unclaimed money in Oregon

The problem is we have to proved we lived at the address and we have NO way of doing that. It’s from a deposit we put on an apartment (like $40) and then decided we didn’t want to move in there. So we never lived there, therefor have nothing that proves we are the people the money belongs too. And since this happened 12 years ago we don’t have any of the paper work assigning us to that address. I don’t think we ever did.
This was a long time ago and they didn’t do paper trails as often as they do now.

Some states (Louisiana, f’rinstance)

will at least tell you if the item is more or less than $100. But for Michigan, I have to figure out how to claim property that may have belonged to my grandmother(dad’s side) who died in 1980. Since my dad isn’t competent to sign for it, I’m guessing I’ll need her death certificate, as well as my conservator paper… Oy…

Yes! Do this, because it is not always just cash

When I checked the website years ago I not only found THOUSANDS for db and myself I discovered it was coming from oil royalties that some how my dgm lawyer had missed when transferring them around in estate settlements. One of those royalties is what I get my little monthly checks from now, db gets checks too and has helped me do a lot of research since the first nearly $6,000 I found for us to split.
Also besides your name, check your parents, grandparents and even great grand parents, aunts and uncles and your children (you never know what might have been willed to them without your knowledge) in EVERY state they ever lived in. I live in OK, but found some money in MO. It’s simple enough to claim and worth the effort.

Unclaimed Property

Go out to your state website for unclaimed property and see what pops up. I just found $5.90 for me and the wife and found $139.90 for my dad.

Merchant surcharge fees?

Merchants can now charge an extra fee for using credit cards. I don’t remember hearing about this before.. Fortunately, there don’t seem to be a lot of vendors charging the fee. And although it says debit cards are exempt, the video makes a distinction of a PIN transaction. So if I run my debit card as credit, I’m subject to the surcharge?

We had 3 dogs at one point

with one being very aggressive (she eventually was put down for her aggression) one was very submissive and the other being the annoying toddler-like dog that would constantly vie for authority….you would constantly have to put her in place…of course, she would just slap the ground with her front paws, rump in the air, and bark rather cheekily at you! Due a child with severe dog allergies (and severe food allergies) we rehomed her with a fabulous lady. It is amazing how the dynamic changes when just *one* of the pack leaves. We have been dog free for a few years now and I do miss them but honestly, with our 7 children (going on 8) and many medical/emotional needs I am not in a hurry to get another, plus the child with many animal allergies would need a very specific breed of dog.

Glad your life is less stressful and the dynamic is getting better!

I hear ya..

and float in and out of that mode repeatedly…what we do, and I am using your things as an example…. start an envelope for the project that stresses you the most…. say the door, exhaust all options of finding the door cheaper… ( habitat, craigslist etc)… and once you finish that, go to the next… people think we are absolutely impoverished I am sure, but hte truth is we have an urgency of being out of debt… and we are very very very close…. I just keep my old couch as clean as I can, find pretty sheets at yardsales… keep the floor clean… and keep on going LOL…. Really, I feel your pain… I do….we live in a highly materialistic gotta have it world…

Let me explain

Based on what happened at my house today, sometimes a want/need is decided FOR you. I was trying to repurpose some small glass containers, formerly votive candle type holders but slightly larger. I wanted to use them to hold supplies at my Creation Station in my studio … stuff like q-tips, sponges, applicators, etc. I was at the sink washing the first one I came across and it broke in the sink about the time I got done washing it. Darn. I found two more former candle holders that were larger but still purposeful in my studio. I commenced to washing them, and bam, one more broke in the sink. Darn. Just a little while ago it was clutter, then I found a use for it. Now it’s decided FOR me that I didn’t need those after all and please write my essay for me, so at least they were left overs and not brand items I just bought. I do try to find new purposes for stuff when I am tired of using it for the original purpose or the original reason no longer exists.

I think need/want could also depend on the baby step you’re on. For example, when a couple is just beginning to save and invest, they don’t need an advisor because they are probably sticking to a regular savings account and possibly an IRA/401K, but I could see how a couple could need an advisor as their nest egg grows.

Just as an FYI, it depends upon the type of hair and the fabric involved

If the dogs have short coats with what I call ‘sticky’ hair, not so much.

If dogs are shedding a lot, then changing their diet is called for, to a better quality kibble or raw or homemade diet.

I’ll never forget I had a friend with a black lab. The poor animal would leave a trail of hair wherever she walked (easy to see on white tile). She was on Science Diet which has sub par ingredients. Once switched to Nutro, the change was nothing short of miraculous.

Blowing coat twice a year is normal. Ongoing hair shedding in large amounts is not.

My crew get a quick whip through with the slicker once a week or when I remember to and I find that takes care of the hair. Luckily everyone but Old Man Quan have correct coats so its not that much of an issue – plus they are on Diamond Naturals which has no soy, corn or wheat.

I know what you mean

At the moment Ben has started blowing coat – he’s got what I fondly call “cotton candy butt” with little tufts sticking up every which way. On the plus side, easy to pluck out and certainly easy to use the slicker brush on. On the down side – he’s a lot of dog! Kiki just grew her coat back in after her season – however, everyone else will be blowing coat within the next month or so.

Jessica told me that the iRoomba Discovery works GREAT on hair. Not so great on dirt, but fabulous on hair so she runs it during the day and then uses her Dyson to pick up the dirt. According to her, the only downside is her cat likes to ride the Roomba

Stress reduction and some goals met

I wanted to share that since I placed both of Ben x Kiki’s pups, my work load at home and stress has decreased exponentially.

Shadow was placed in his new home approx 2 weeks ago – on a purely intellectual level I knew that my stress level, and those of my pack, would be reduced. What I wasn’t counting on was the visceral reaction of my pack to the instigator leaving home.

My ‘boys’ (The Skundi-mon and Ben-Ben) have, within a short amount of time, reverted to their old happy go lucky sunny personalities. Even more fascinating to me, is that they have started rough housing and playing like they used to. Both of my boys are back to being relaxed with no friction between them.

This week I got an email out of the blue and LooLoo will be jetting off to her new home in Washington state on the 15th of this month, so the final pack stressor will be gone. I’m very interested to see what effect her leaving will have on my girls.

*I* won’t have to play musical dog crates, which will leave me with more free time to get other things taken care of, one of which is scrubbing my original 1921 wood floors and putting down a nice layer of beeswax polish which, once buffed, will help provide a moisture barrier against future spills etc.

It also means I can have a decent conversation without having to tell LooLoo to be quiet (she loses self control when she sees Kweeba) – one of my pet peeves is dogs who bark indoors. The rest of my pack are quiet unless there is need to bark.

Maybe I’ll regain some ‘sane’ brain cells just in time for lambing season to begin!

I was also talking with a friend of mine who has Fleur and she also has parrots. She suggested I get The Pet Machine by Austin Air which is an air purifier. She went from dusting every couple of days to dusting once every 5 – 6 weeks (parrots are very dusty birds). Plus she has 7 Belgians so knows all about dirt and hair. The price tag is somewhat steep, however, considering the amount of particles I have in the house being greater than that outside, I think I am going to bite the bullet and purchase it. I believe it is an investment in my ongoing physical health, not to mention my mental health.

My ramblings for today :)

First lamb!

Woke up this morning to a lovely little ewe lamb born to Faye and Leifurson.
3 weeks earlier than expected – what a lovely surprise.
Mother and baby are doing just fine after I had some help trimming her fleece so the lamb could find the teats to nurse.
Doing the happy dance over here!

Sorry to hear about your tooth

Yes, that would be an acceptable use for an EF. And then after you refill it(or while), start a medical sinking fund for such emergencies
in the future.


Definitely sounds like an emergency to me! It’s medical and if you don’t take care of it you’ll be at risk for worse problems.
Me, I’d pay and then concentrate on refilling the emergency fund, because that’s simplest.

Murphy struck at my house

So tonight right as I was finished eating dinner, I broke a tooth. One of my molars to be exact. Thankfully I am not in much pain and I do have a few pain killers in the house if needed (I hate taking them but if I need them I’ll take them). I will see the dentist on Monday morning. Won’t be a cheap fix….I am dreading it.

We do have a funded EF. According to DR is this something you use an EF for? My dentist will take payments, they split the bill in three month payments. Which is better?

No vacation

I pick up stuff for baskets and the hunt all year. I have kids DVDs we picked up on clearance $2 each. I have been getting the candy deals such as the free jelly beans from CVS. We also shop after Easter at the 75% and 90% off sales. So with what we have already put away and the candy deals we get off cheap.
One thing we do is Easter brunch in the park with family and all. We get there and set up a hunt and a big brunch meal. The kids hunt for what the bunny left for them there. We eat great food and then play in the park for awhile. No fuss no muss no mess. Dinner we just bake a ham and a few easy sides and have a simple meal. Since we already did the big family thing in the park we do not have to do a big dinner.
I know not everyone can do this because of weather but we live in Southern CA and for as long as I can remember it only rained 1 time so we did it under a shelter at one of the parks.

This last week saw more of the same

decluttering the office, hauling off a large load of dead electronics to recycle at Best Buy (all they are good for in my opinion) and working on repairs around the house.
We got the truck back on Thursday, and immediately returned it to the repair shop. They hadn’t clamped down one of the hoses properly on the new water pump and so all the coolant leaked out quickly. Dh was NOT amused. They of course fixed it immediately with no charge.
We had originally been quoted $2,300 for new water pump, new washer/wiper assembly (both were leaking horribly), 1 ball joint, a general system check up and brake inspection and some other minor repairs. They recommended about $1600 more in work, including the 3 other ball joints, we declined those at that point. Monday they called dh and said if we did the other 3 ball joints right then it would be only $130 right then, but would be much more than that later because they’d have to tear something down again. Dh knew exactly what they were talking about and agreed to it. So we were expecting with parts, tax and everything roughly $2,500-2,600.
The bill, with the extra work, was $2200!! Needless to say I was a happy camper!—well at least once they tightened the clamp on that hose.
Another repair here at home we thought was going to cost us about $100 or maybe more to fix dh managed to fix for free. Again I was happy.
We stayed on budget for everything else. So all in all it was a good week. I just wish I could have put more on our debt snowball. But then I am never truly happy on that until it is all gone.