We buget 50 for the month for fun stuff

Mostly thst covers one date lunch for DH & I and the gas to get to things. We are lucky to have a free theatre that allows you to bring your own snacks. And a free indoor pool, my kids love the pool. The boys also do scouts which is a budget item. With scouts […]

I’ve received things like this, but I didn’t bite

I once worked for a company that was victimized by one of these cash-the-check-and-send-us-the-money deals. A scammer sent out a bunch of checks with the company name and bank account number on them, telling people they had won a prize and to cash the check and return the money. We got a lot of phone […]

The good news is that we are debt free except our mortgage

($2750/mo) and childcare expenses ($575/week); We haven’t yet cut back on such as the phone or cable, because DH feels he will find something soon, but given that his unemployment checks run out in April … we will be having a budget discussion at that point. I know he is trying to find work so […]

My DH lost his job

as of 28 December and I am slated to lose mine due to a contract loss next week (31 January); we’ve known about the contract ending for several months yet very few people have been able to secure another job — those that left already have just basically retired with no job to go to… […]

I know $80 is a lot of money

for you right now, and it is worrisome about your vehicle, but I think I would want to know that someone was willing to make the effort to get a position with my company, so I think it would be worth your while to try and make it happen. Is it possible to borrow a […]