We had 3 dogs at one point

with one being very aggressive (she eventually was put down for her aggression) one was very submissive and the other being the annoying toddler-like dog that would constantly vie for authority….you would constantly have to put her in place…of course, she would just slap the ground with her front paws, rump in the air, and […]

I hear ya..

and float in and out of that mode repeatedly…what we do, and I am using your things as an example…. start an envelope for the project that stresses you the most…. say the door, exhaust all options of finding the door cheaper… ( habitat, craigslist etc)… and once you finish that, go to the next… […]

Just as an FYI, it depends upon the type of hair and the fabric involved

If the dogs have short coats with what I call ‘sticky’ hair, not so much. If dogs are shedding a lot, then changing their diet is called for, to a better quality kibble or raw or homemade diet. I’ll never forget I had a friend with a black lab. The poor animal would leave a […]

I know what you mean

At the moment Ben has started blowing coat – he’s got what I fondly call “cotton candy butt” with little tufts sticking up every which way. On the plus side, easy to pluck out and certainly easy to use the slicker brush on. On the down side – he’s a lot of dog! Kiki just […]