Some states (Louisiana, f’rinstance)

will at least tell you if the item is more or less than $100. But for Michigan, I have to figure out how to claim property that may have belonged to my grandmother(dad’s side) who died in 1980. Since my dad isn’t competent to sign for it, I’m guessing I’ll need her death certificate, as […]

Yes! Do this, because it is not always just cash

When I checked the website years ago I not only found THOUSANDS for db and myself I discovered it was coming from oil royalties that some how my dgm lawyer had missed when transferring them around in estate settlements. One of those royalties is what I get my little monthly checks from now, db gets […]

Unclaimed Property

Go out to your state website for unclaimed property and see what pops up. I just found $5.90 for me and the wife and found $139.90 for my dad.