This is what everyone wants

If it were easy to find a way to make an income stream maintain itself and keep going, then more people would be doing it and we’d have a ton of people sitting on their wealth while they do nothing. I have a business that does create income streams and keeps them coming, usually automatically, […]

Mark, you seem like a very good person to know

I don’t want to get into too many details, for fear of every single one being picked apart with my overall message being reduced to something I never meant to start in the first place, but… I want to know some about the tech side of things, but just enough to be able to communicate […]

Any suggestions?

As far as learning this back end stuff, where would I go to find a good online education in order to become proficient at it? Primarily the domain and hosting reselling, but also some web design. I know a little about HTML, but otherwise I am very much a beginner.

Are you serious???

Landing pages are a household word in the online marketing scene. They’re pages on which a visitor lands from clicking a link. It can be any kind of page, but is typically a sales page, a squeeze page or similar. (Please don’t tell us you’ve never heard of squeeze pages either!) Big sale!! online payday […]