Anyway…for me, it’s about not only looking to the future

(debt free, paying cash for a home) but how far I have come. After years of living in chaos (financial and personal) we are living in peace….even the setbacks are small in nature. I and my children cherish this time. I have been able to develop a financial plan, and for the most part my children and I stick to it. They have gained an appreciation of what it means to have a plan, work the plan, and reap the rewards of the plan. You’ll remember that all of my children-at-home and I went through FPU.
It’s unfortunate that DH has chosen not to actively join us on our journey. As a result, his peace is a lot less; at best he recognizes that he is no longer living in financial chaos. But he chafes greatly at the restraints of “not being able to spend and buy what he wants, when he wants it.” Even when he wears me down and buys something (and it’s usually expensive) it is only a short lived happiness….it doesn’t give him lasting joy.
And that IMO, is the key. I know I am preaching to the choir here, but frivolous, caution to the winds spending does NOT buy happiness. It often doesn’t even make MISERY more comfortable. Because deep down, we all know it doesn’t last, that living a life unchecked and gorging on excess is superficial happiness at best, and that real happiness comes from being obedient to time tested values and principles, whether they are financial, spiritual, religious or educational.