There’s just so much that can be covered and so many ways to learn it’s hard to know

I work with open source software almost exclusively (or pretty much exclusively now that Java is open sourced). One of the many advantages with the world of open source is that there are tutorials and HOWTO files on almost everything. That makes it possible to learn a LOT for free and then to get the […]

This is what everyone wants

If it were easy to find a way to make an income stream maintain itself and keep going, then more people would be doing it and we’d have a ton of people sitting on their wealth while they do nothing. I have a business that does create income streams and keeps them coming, usually automatically, […]

Is the price difference really justified?

What does “better customer service” mean? a 7/24 call center in India versus a human you can talk to face to face 5/8 in your home town? Somebody who read the repair manual yesterday versus somebody who knows what an impact wrench is, and uses it on a daily basis? I don’t drive, so I […]

For US$150 I can have my own domain, with a five year contract

2 GB disk space. No data transfer quotas. The ability to put _anything_ I want to on that site. (Minor proviso: If the content violates federal, or international statutes, I lose the website. Bu that is standard for all reputable ISPs. and domain registrars.) That also comes with a 14 day free trial period. Somebody […]

Goals Update

I didn’t to the task challenge because I knew that I was spending every evening at the theater, helping with the latest show. But how about an update on my year-long goals: 1. Pay off Credit Union loan ($7500) and a total of $13,700 by the end of the year. ~ Missed my goal by […]

Credit reports have addresses if you were using credit back then

I never lived at the address my then husband put down on the insurance policy but wrote them a letter, enclosed proof of the relationship, etc and they accepted it. Worth a try just to call or send what you have. Maybe if you still have the same utility company they would have record of […]

I hear ya..

and float in and out of that mode repeatedly…what we do, and I am using your things as an example…. start an envelope for the project that stresses you the most…. say the door, exhaust all options of finding the door cheaper… ( habitat, craigslist etc)… and once you finish that, go to the next… […]