Mark, you seem like a very good person to know

I don’t want to get into too many details, for fear of every single one being picked apart with my overall message being reduced to something I never meant to start in the first place, but… I want to know some about the tech side of things, but just enough to be able to communicate […]

Are you serious???

Landing pages are a household word in the online marketing scene. They’re pages on which a visitor lands from clicking a link. It can be any kind of page, but is typically a sales page, a squeeze page or similar. (Please don’t tell us you’ve never heard of squeeze pages either!) Big sale!! online payday […]

Goals Update

I didn’t to the task challenge because I knew that I was spending every evening at the theater, helping with the latest show. But how about an update on my year-long goals: 1. Pay off Credit Union loan ($7500) and a total of $13,700 by the end of the year. ~ Missed my goal by […]

Credit reports have addresses if you were using credit back then

I never lived at the address my then husband put down on the insurance policy but wrote them a letter, enclosed proof of the relationship, etc and they accepted it. Worth a try just to call or send what you have. Maybe if you still have the same utility company they would have record of […]

My husband and I have some unclaimed money in Oregon

The problem is we have to proved we lived at the address and we have NO way of doing that. It’s from a deposit we put on an apartment (like $40) and then decided we didn’t want to move in there. So we never lived there, therefor have nothing that proves we are the people […]

Some states (Louisiana, f’rinstance)

will at least tell you if the item is more or less than $100. But for Michigan, I have to figure out how to claim property that may have belonged to my grandmother(dad’s side) who died in 1980. Since my dad isn’t competent to sign for it, I’m guessing I’ll need her death certificate, as […]

Yes! Do this, because it is not always just cash

When I checked the website years ago I not only found THOUSANDS for db and myself I discovered it was coming from oil royalties that some how my dgm lawyer had missed when transferring them around in estate settlements. One of those royalties is what I get my little monthly checks from now, db gets […]

I hear ya..

and float in and out of that mode repeatedly…what we do, and I am using your things as an example…. start an envelope for the project that stresses you the most…. say the door, exhaust all options of finding the door cheaper… ( habitat, craigslist etc)… and once you finish that, go to the next… […]

I know what you mean

At the moment Ben has started blowing coat – he’s got what I fondly call “cotton candy butt” with little tufts sticking up every which way. On the plus side, easy to pluck out and certainly easy to use the slicker brush on. On the down side – he’s a lot of dog! Kiki just […]

First lamb!

Woke up this morning to a lovely little ewe lamb born to Faye and Leifurson. WHOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 weeks earlier than expected – what a lovely surprise. Mother and baby are doing just fine after I had some help trimming her fleece so the lamb could find the teats to nurse. Doing the happy dance over […]

Murphy struck at my house

So tonight right as I was finished eating dinner, I broke a tooth. One of my molars to be exact. Thankfully I am not in much pain and I do have a few pain killers in the house if needed (I hate taking them but if I need them I’ll take them). I will see […]