For US$150 I can have my own domain, with a five year contract

2 GB disk space. No data transfer quotas. The ability to put _anything_ I want to on that site. (Minor proviso: If the content violates federal, or international statutes, I lose the website. Bu that is standard for all reputable ISPs. and domain registrars.) That also comes with a 14 day free trial period. Somebody […]

Credit reports have addresses if you were using credit back then

I never lived at the address my then husband put down on the insurance policy but wrote them a letter, enclosed proof of the relationship, etc and they accepted it. Worth a try just to call or send what you have. Maybe if you still have the same utility company they would have record of […]

Some states (Louisiana, f’rinstance)

will at least tell you if the item is more or less than $100. But for Michigan, I have to figure out how to claim property that may have belonged to my grandmother(dad’s side) who died in 1980. Since my dad isn’t competent to sign for it, I’m guessing I’ll need her death certificate, as […]

You could be because credit and debit run through the same networks

but debit is safer since the money comes out of your account and credit is paid at a later date. That is the risk the credit card companies take. I mainly see discounts for paying with cash and debit around here.

Merchant surcharge fees?

Merchants can now charge an extra fee for using credit cards. I don’t remember hearing about this before.. Fortunately, there don’t seem to be a lot of vendors charging the fee. And although it says debit cards are exempt, the video makes a distinction of a PIN transaction. So if I run my debit card […]