Any suggestions?

As far as learning this back end stuff, where would I go to find a good online education in order to become proficient at it? Primarily the domain and hosting reselling, but also some web design. I know a little about HTML, but otherwise I am very much a beginner.

Are you serious???

Landing pages are a household word in the online marketing scene. They’re pages on which a visitor lands from clicking a link. It can be any kind of page, but is typically a sales page, a squeeze page or similar. (Please don’t tell us you’ve never heard of squeeze pages either!) Big sale!! online payday […]

For US$150 I can have my own domain, with a five year contract

2 GB disk space. No data transfer quotas. The ability to put _anything_ I want to on that site. (Minor proviso: If the content violates federal, or international statutes, I lose the website. Bu that is standard for all reputable ISPs. and domain registrars.) That also comes with a 14 day free trial period. Somebody […]

Goals Update

I didn’t to the task challenge because I knew that I was spending every evening at the theater, helping with the latest show. But how about an update on my year-long goals: 1. Pay off Credit Union loan ($7500) and a total of $13,700 by the end of the year. ~ Missed my goal by […]

My husband and I have some unclaimed money in Oregon

The problem is we have to proved we lived at the address and we have NO way of doing that. It’s from a deposit we put on an apartment (like $40) and then decided we didn’t want to move in there. So we never lived there, therefor have nothing that proves we are the people […]

I hear ya..

and float in and out of that mode repeatedly…what we do, and I am using your things as an example…. start an envelope for the project that stresses you the most…. say the door, exhaust all options of finding the door cheaper… ( habitat, craigslist etc)… and once you finish that, go to the next… […]

This last week saw more of the same

decluttering the office, hauling off a large load of dead electronics to recycle at Best Buy (all they are good for in my opinion) and working on repairs around the house. We got the truck back on Thursday, and immediately returned it to the repair shop. They hadn’t clamped down one of the hoses properly […]