There’s just so much that can be covered and so many ways to learn it’s hard to know

I work with open source software almost exclusively (or pretty much exclusively now that Java is open sourced). One of the many advantages with the world of open source is that there are tutorials and HOWTO files on almost everything. That makes it possible to learn a LOT for free and then to get the […]

Mark, you seem like a very good person to know

I don’t want to get into too many details, for fear of every single one being picked apart with my overall message being reduced to something I never meant to start in the first place, but… I want to know some about the tech side of things, but just enough to be able to communicate […]

Are you serious???

Landing pages are a household word in the online marketing scene. They’re pages on which a visitor lands from clicking a link. It can be any kind of page, but is typically a sales page, a squeeze page or similar. (Please don’t tell us you’ve never heard of squeeze pages either!) Big sale!! online payday […]

Unclaimed Property

Go out to your state website for unclaimed property and see what pops up. I just found $5.90 for me and the wife and found $139.90 for my dad.