Goals Update

I didn’t to the task challenge because I knew that I was spending every evening at the theater, helping with the latest show. But how about an update on my year-long goals:

1. Pay off Credit Union loan ($7500) and a total of $13,700 by the end of the year.

~ Missed my goal by $44 because of the way the end of the month fell. Which means next month should be great!

2. Crochet 50 scarves to donate.

~ Again, I’m short one because I got an e-mail from Son, asking me to crochet him something. He even sent a link. Which is why I am now busy making . . . beer bottle cozies. He lives in Houston, TX, where they have a lot of condensation in the summer time.

3. Weigh less at the end of the year than I did at the beginning.

~ I have officially lost 15 lbs since Thanksgiving. And bought a new pair of pants for work that were a size smaller!!!