I find that focusing on what really matters to me

vs what I want goes a long way towards the level of contentment that I feel. I started by asking myself a very straight forward question.. What does freedom mean to me? When I asked that question, my entire view of the “American Dream” and how I was living life changed.
What freedom means to me: The ability to pursue my faith openly, being able to work and contribute to the family, being able to function car-light (minimal use of a car), having as small a carbon footprint as possible, living in an area where walking and biking is possible for most trips under four miles, access to a great library system, Walking distance access to hiking trails to get away from the city, being able to grow my own food (yard garden and community gardens both available), having the time to spend working on my art, living TV/gadget free, Spending time with my husband doing the things we love.
Once I looked at my list, I realized that stuff didn’t really matter. We simplified, got rid of a ton of stuff, eliminated clutter, simplified our furnishings to just what we really needed and cut back on the number of clothing items we own to only what we really wear. Not only were we content with what we already had, we found that we had too much and we felt burdened by it. It got in the way. At the moment I just have my basement art studio to go through in terms of organizing and decluttering. The basement is free of stored items. Instead it hosts a clothes line for year round line drying (small carbon footprint).
I have two large pieces of furniture on Craigslist and I’m making a plan to tackle the garage and garage-attic storage once the weather warms up. Dh still has to go through is office desk drawers. This has been such a freeing experience. I no longer want stuff or crave the next best thing.
Our only discontentment is having a mortgage. We can’t wait to be throwing all we have at it and get it gone.