Just as an FYI, it depends upon the type of hair and the fabric involved

If the dogs have short coats with what I call ‘sticky’ hair, not so much.

If dogs are shedding a lot, then changing their diet is called for, to a better quality kibble or raw or homemade diet.

I’ll never forget I had a friend with a black lab. The poor animal would leave a trail of hair wherever she walked (easy to see on white tile). She was on Science Diet which has sub par ingredients. Once switched to Nutro, the change was nothing short of miraculous.

Blowing coat twice a year is normal. Ongoing hair shedding in large amounts is not.

My crew get a quick whip through with the slicker once a week or when I remember to and I find that takes care of the hair. Luckily everyone but Old Man Quan have correct coats so its not that much of an issue – plus they are on Diamond Naturals which has no soy, corn or wheat.