Mark, you seem like a very good person to know

I don’t want to get into too many details, for fear of every single one being picked apart with my overall message being reduced to something I never meant to start in the first place, but…

I want to know some about the tech side of things, but just enough to be able to communicate well enough with a tech minded individual to get a job done. My goal is to generate income streams that can be automated. I’m in the very beginning stages of this online and find myself swamped with info. But in general, I would like to have several income streams set up to earn anywhere from $20 per day to $40 per day, eventually increasing to $100 per day each. I would rather have that than make $50-100 per hour in any job, as long as my maintenance isn’t too high.

I would gladly fork over $100,000 to buy an automated business that puts $300 per day in profit in my account like clockwork. To my knowledge, that’s not possible, but I’m just now beginning this research and haven’t hit the tip of the iceberg yet. And I don’t want to be sold something that is a scam. Not an easy thing to do, so far as I know. That’s one reason I come here 🙂

But I won’t give up on the search. I think, at this point, it would be easier for me to generate my own small businesses to get that point. So I’ll keep working at it, and do sincerely appreciate all feedback from everyone here.

I checked out ResellerRightNow after a quick search on the topic, and it offers what looks to be a decent program. I’ll have to compare it around more, and if you get a chance, maybe you could post some feedback on that one. I hope I’m not getting too far off the MLM support topic, but I chalk this up to research.

Best regards and look forward to any info you (or anyone) has to share.