No vacation

I pick up stuff for baskets and the hunt all year. I have kids DVDs we picked up on clearance $2 each. I have been getting the candy deals such as the free jelly beans from CVS. We also shop after Easter at the 75% and 90% off sales. So with what we have already put away and the candy deals we get off cheap.
One thing we do is Easter brunch in the park with family and all. We get there and set up a hunt and a big brunch meal. The kids hunt for what the bunny left for them there. We eat great food and then play in the park for awhile. No fuss no muss no mess. Dinner we just bake a ham and a few easy sides and have a simple meal. Since we already did the big family thing in the park we do not have to do a big dinner.
I know not everyone can do this because of weather but we live in Southern CA and for as long as I can remember it only rained 1 time so we did it under a shelter at one of the parks.