Stress reduction and some goals met

I wanted to share that since I placed both of Ben x Kiki’s pups, my work load at home and stress has decreased exponentially.

Shadow was placed in his new home approx 2 weeks ago – on a purely intellectual level I knew that my stress level, and those of my pack, would be reduced. What I wasn’t counting on was the visceral reaction of my pack to the instigator leaving home.

My ‘boys’ (The Skundi-mon and Ben-Ben) have, within a short amount of time, reverted to their old happy go lucky sunny personalities. Even more fascinating to me, is that they have started rough housing and playing like they used to. Both of my boys are back to being relaxed with no friction between them.

This week I got an email out of the blue and LooLoo will be jetting off to her new home in Washington state on the 15th of this month, so the final pack stressor will be gone. I’m very interested to see what effect her leaving will have on my girls.

*I* won’t have to play musical dog crates, which will leave me with more free time to get other things taken care of, one of which is scrubbing my original 1921 wood floors and putting down a nice layer of beeswax polish which, once buffed, will help provide a moisture barrier against future spills etc.

It also means I can have a decent conversation without having to tell LooLoo to be quiet (she loses self control when she sees Kweeba) – one of my pet peeves is dogs who bark indoors. The rest of my pack are quiet unless there is need to bark.

Maybe I’ll regain some ‘sane’ brain cells just in time for lambing season to begin!

I was also talking with a friend of mine who has Fleur and she also has parrots. She suggested I get The Pet Machine by Austin Air which is an air purifier. She went from dusting every couple of days to dusting once every 5 – 6 weeks (parrots are very dusty birds). Plus she has 7 Belgians so knows all about dirt and hair. The price tag is somewhat steep, however, considering the amount of particles I have in the house being greater than that outside, I think I am going to bite the bullet and purchase it. I believe it is an investment in my ongoing physical health, not to mention my mental health.

My ramblings for today 🙂