The good news is that we are debt free except our mortgage

($2750/mo) and childcare expenses ($575/week);
We haven’t yet cut back on such as the phone or cable, because DH feels he will find something soon, but given that his unemployment checks run out in April … we will be having a budget discussion at that point.
I know he is trying to find work so I am giving him space but yes, at some point we will have a discussion as to what needs to be scaled back… The good news is I was able to negotiate my new job at a 15% pay increase. Tip: they ask what my salary expectations were and I replied that my “current compensation is…xxxx” —– current compensation meaning what the company paid into my health care, 401k, etc… but the incoming company didn’t question that so from my base salary I added $15K and off we go. 🙂
Which now allows me to budget for home improvements, college funds, life funds, etc…