This is what everyone wants

If it were easy to find a way to make an income stream maintain itself and keep going, then more people would be doing it and we’d have a ton of people sitting on their wealth while they do nothing.

I have a business that does create income streams and keeps them coming, usually automatically, and even with that, I have to do maintenance.
I’ll admit it’s better than most systems. My customers subscribe to my data and pay me monthly. The data delivery is automated and I can resell the data to people in different fields so none of my customers compete against each other with the same data.

What I’ve learned is that to keep an income stream automated, then you have to do something that keeps your customer base. Any income stream that requires generating new customers is going to be more problematic.
It means you have to keep replacing customers over and over. Unless you have some website where people keep coming to spend money on something that can be created automatically, then this kind of thing won’t work with customer turn over.