This last week saw more of the same

decluttering the office, hauling off a large load of dead electronics to recycle at Best Buy (all they are good for in my opinion) and working on repairs around the house.
We got the truck back on Thursday, and immediately returned it to the repair shop. They hadn’t clamped down one of the hoses properly on the new water pump and so all the coolant leaked out quickly. Dh was NOT amused. They of course fixed it immediately with no charge.
We had originally been quoted $2,300 for new water pump, new washer/wiper assembly (both were leaking horribly), 1 ball joint, a general system check up and brake inspection and some other minor repairs. They recommended about $1600 more in work, including the 3 other ball joints, we declined those at that point. Monday they called dh and said if we did the other 3 ball joints right then it would be only $130 right then, but would be much more than that later because they’d have to tear something down again. Dh knew exactly what they were talking about and agreed to it. So we were expecting with parts, tax and everything roughly $2,500-2,600.
The bill, with the extra work, was $2200!! Needless to say I was a happy camper!—well at least once they tightened the clamp on that hose.
Another repair here at home we thought was going to cost us about $100 or maybe more to fix dh managed to fix for free. Again I was happy.
We stayed on budget for everything else. So all in all it was a good week. I just wish I could have put more on our debt snowball. But then I am never truly happy on that until it is all gone.