We buget 50 for the month for fun stuff

Mostly thst covers one date lunch for DH & I and the gas to get to things. We are lucky to have a free theatre that allows you to bring your own snacks. And a free indoor pool, my kids love the pool. The boys also do scouts which is a budget item. With scouts they hike, camp, swim and learn lots of things. We are also involved in our church. The kids also have free afterschool clubs right now at least one is in cooking, yearbook, card club and kindle.
We have a bbq grill with a smoker and a small fire pit so we have family cooking time or hot dog & smores night. Movie night with Netflix or movies we own. Appetizers night with homemade stuff or cheap / free with coupons stuff. We do make your own bars with pizza, tacos, whatever. Also Fri is our pizza night & we take turns picking the toppings.
For us hiking is fun and we got a free national park pass so we use that.
Once a month there is a free craft night. Jan it was a modge podge bowl. Feb it will be a candy bouquet. This is ladies only so I get out. Also I do 2 free ladies bible studies.
If we did not do the 50 for fun & the 60 for scouts we would have 110 extra for the snowball but we decided it was worth the small delay to have family fun. You need to decide what you want more to be content with living while you get out of debt.