We had 3 dogs at one point

with one being very aggressive (she eventually was put down for her aggression) one was very submissive and the other being the annoying toddler-like dog that would constantly vie for authority….you would constantly have to put her in place…of course, she would just slap the ground with her front paws, rump in the air, and bark rather cheekily at you! Due a child with severe dog allergies (and severe food allergies) we rehomed her with a fabulous lady. It is amazing how the dynamic changes when just *one* of the pack leaves. We have been dog free for a few years now and I do miss them but honestly, with our 7 children (going on 8) and many medical/emotional needs I am not in a hurry to get another, plus the child with many animal allergies would need a very specific breed of dog.

Glad your life is less stressful and the dynamic is getting better!