We’re lucky indeed

Last night I cooked a healthy dinner for my family, I bathed my children in a warm bath and then snuggled then in their cozy beds in our little, paid for cabin. My husband wrapped his body around mine as he slept. This morning he had to go on the road for work, so he took morning duty with the children and I got to sleep in. I awoke to a heavy snowfall, and watched the birds eat at our feeder while I thanked the good Lord for all the blessings my family has while I drank coffee in bed. I am overflowing with contentment. I thank the Lord everyday for all the blessings my family has received. I know I’m a lucky woman, and fully realize many don’t realize or appreciate what they have, but I do. I have a partner who loves me and respects me. I have children who are flourishing, and it’s been particularly challenging for one of my older children, but he is doing what he loves to do and has found his niche, and I’m so thankful. I save like mad. I have goals. I don’t blame others for circumstances we may find ourselves in, but take full responsibility for the decisions we make be them positive or negative in their outcomings. My husband and I don’t date. I know we should, but we seem to have a lot of emergencies (the past two weeks it’s been because our four year old geothermal system has one of those “odd” problems that seldom occur, but are for us (typical) and it will cost us about one thousand dollars to correct). Do I feel resentful that I don’t have a lot of one on one time with my husband? Sure. Sure I do, but, not spending money on a sitter and a night together each week gives us extra money in our budget to put towards our goals . Next week we’ll take a day and he and I will ski together while the kids are in school. We just adapt. DH works 3 jobs, I have one, and we are so busy, but….everything we need, we have. We helped a family in crisis last week, because it’s what we needed to do. My husband was puttin gas in one of our cars and some man was desperately trying to get non existent funds to pay for his gas from his debit card into his well used work truck at the same gas station as my husband. DH bought him his gas. I’m proud of him. It wasn’t even ten dollars, but the man didn’t have the money, and I told my husband, I think God puts you at the right place at the right time. He (DH) felt guilty because he thought he was taking more money away from our family but he felt as if he had to do it. He did the right thing. I’m content with his decision. My husband commented to me last week that it seems as if we seem to be called to help a heck of a lot of people as of late. I think God calls us to do things at particular time, and it’s our responsibility to pay attention, and if we feel it’s the right thing to do, then we need to help. I’ve yet to regret helping someone. This is what contentment is. I have everything I need. There’s not a whole lot extra. We save for college, retirement, savings, and a bunch of needs we have, but these days, there’s not a lot left over. I can help other people. I know the Lord is my life. I don’t dress well nor do I drive top line cars, but I have savings in the bank and everyone in my life is healthy, has health care insurance, is educated (or is being educated), and we have roofs over our heads and food in our bellies. I don’t care about the rest of that crap nor do I feel envy anymore. Our needs are being met, and we’re saving for another one of our cool vacations.